Late 2017, I was the elearning developer on a small team including a videographer who had this to say:

… What a great voice, Jane!
As we all share our expertise, this has been one of the best collaborative works since I joined [client].

Summer, 2016, I had the opportunity to work on a non-technology project. This was a lot of fun.

Nicola Reynolds, large oil and gas company, Calgary, November 2016:

Jane brought our vision for an environmental risk management training module to life. Jane creates learner-centric design solutions, converting our technical content into an effective and engaging learning experience for our end-users. We were impressed with Jane’s production skills, in particular her ability to augment the learning experience through weaving interactive content into our SME-produced storyboard.


I am delighted with the responsiveness and service Jane provided during the review and revision process, weekly check-ins kept us up to speed with the development process and ensured the module was on budget. I wholeheartedly recommend Jane’s instructional design and production skills for eLearning development projects, on top of that, Jane is a pleasure to work with – I look forward to working with her again.

In May, 2016, an IT project at a large oil and gas company in Calgary called to discuss my availability for their project.

ER, Change Manager, large oil and gas company, Calgary, May 2016:

“[The program manager] knows your work and he doesn’t want anyone else. It’s too risky. …You have a wonderful clarity of communication in your work. And you have the ability to jump right in, ask the right questions and get the job done.”

Late 2015 and early 2016, I worked with a team of business analysts implementing a complex EH&S system at a large oil and gas company. In the end, I produced seven elearning modules with 79 short video demonstrations explaining business processes and demonstrating features of the software application. I used a combination of Storyline 2 and Camtasia. The training was rolled out to the entire organization.

The lead Business Analyst was MN. Here are some of her comments:

In a nutshell, I really enjoyed working with you and will not hesitate to recommend you for future initiatives. I have received really great feedback on the training, from content to people really liking your voice!

Re: Production Skills (capturing content, writing, narrating, video production):

You did a great job. We worked well together as a team and I really appreciated your input and editing on some of the lengthier pieces of content we provided, for you to end with just the right information from a narration perspective. The storyboarding process really worked well and it helped a lot to get that in a finalized state first – it also made our reviews of the videos so much easier.

Re: Reliability and Responsiveness:

I loved working with you! Excellent, always positive, helpful, realistic, and objective. You managed to remain calm in sometimes very tough moments and managed to draw the team back to what was important while making good suggestions.

I have and will continue to recommend you to folks. I thought your work was top notch, and I also really enjoyed working with you.  I cannot think of any areas for improvement, the process worked well, you are very professional and the results also show this, you were also a great team member to work with. You provided us with the right level of information at the right time and you are open minded and not afraid to make suggestions whenever we went wayward.

Here are some other comments I’ve received from clients:

I think [your instructional design] definitely exceeded expectations. I have had a few requests from folks wanting to know who developed the training etc. and everyone loves your voice!

AB, Manager, HR, international oil and gas transmission company, 2015:

Have a lovely Christmas Jane, and many thanks for your great help with the training, you have made that portion of the process very efficient and easy for me!    Best regards, A

Erna Regehr, OCM Lead, supporting IS Projects at Husky Energy Inc.:

It has been very effective and enjoyable working with Jane Maduke (Larch Learning Solutions) in our recent project. The clarity and quality of her training video was appreciated by both senior leaders and end users. During development, Jane was able to maximize the value of on-site meetings for gathering and reviewing requirements. Additional brief work sessions were conveniently completed via phone and other technology. Thank you Jane!