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This page is all about Storyline. Storyline is a great tool for creating online learning. It’s developed by a company called Articulate, which has one of the most active, friendly and supportive online communities I’ve ever come across.

Every Friday, Articulate’s Community Manager David Anderson sets a challenge for the community. The challenge is to use an Articulate product (Storyline is one of several) to come up with a solution to an eLearning dilemma. I love these challenges: I get to learn Storyline in a new way, stretch my creativity muscles and stay up-to-date with design trends.

Creative Buttons

These buttons have creative on-hover states.

In this post, I’ve collected the Storyline interactions I’ve developed for the community challenges so you can see them in one place. I started doing the challenges in May 2015 when I was between contracts. My paid work always dictates how much time I can spend on a challenge. (I think David posts them on Fridays so we can work on them over the weekend.)

After I finish a challenge, I write a regular blog post that explains something about how I built the interaction, what I encountered and what I learned. Each of the links below opens in a new window. I would love to hear your thoughts on any of my examples.

Cereal (#106): This was just silly. I don’t believe in cereal; certainly not the sugary stuff that comes in boxes and takes up an entire aisle at the grocery store. Blog Post.

On-Screen Dialogue (#105): I like how BranchTrack displays its dialogue. To do this in Storyline would require lots of manual steps. Here, I’ve just embedded the BranchTrack into a SL file. Blog Post.

Audio (#104): This sample has been shared more than any other. It shows my audio studio and practices. Blog Post.

Before and After (#100): Several developers from the community have asked me how I did this. So I finally posted the Story file so they can download it and de-construct it. This was fun to figure out. Blog Post.

Bingo (#98): A simple interaction that reinforces some instructional design terms. Blog Post.

Add Video (#95): Create something with a video background. This is very simple, but the community came up with many incredible examples that I found inspiring and encouraging. Blog Post.

Grab Attention (#93): Many instructional designers go overboard on this one. I like to keep my attention grabbing antics to a minimum. This example is a bit over-done, but shows a variety of possibilities. Blog Post.

Two Truths and a Lie #91: A sharing opportunity for the community to get to know one another better. Blog Post.

Conversations #90: The challenge was to create a conversation with the viewer. Blog Post.

Creative Buttons #89: The community came up with all kinds of wonderful ideas for this challenge. Don’t miss the on-hover state of ‘snow’; it’s my favourite. Blog Post.

Soundboard #88: This challenge allowed me an opportunity to explore some of Audacity’s sound effects. (Audacity is an open-source audio editor and another of my favourite tools.) Blog Post.

Interactive Maps #86: Show us where you live! I created this right before the Stampede was about to start. Blog Post.

Functional Prototypes #85: This is more of a template than a prototype but I like how I managed to create a pop-up navigation panel along the bottom. Blog Post.

Image Gallery #84: The challenge that got me started was an opportunity to show off some of my photographs. Blog Post.

Fabulous mountain scenery displayed in an image gallery.

Use the arrows to scroll though the images, or click the round buttons to jump to an image.



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